- A Willing Foe and Sea Room -

Harpoon4 (4th edition) is a tactical naval miniatures game that covers all aspects of maritime combat from 1955 to the present day: surface, sub-surface, and air. Extensively researched and tested, the rules allow play so relistic the game has been used for training by the U.S. and other navies. Harpoon uses the same format and terms as the other Admirality Trilogy games. This allows players familiar with those games, and naval combat of earlier eras, to easily step into the modern era.

Harpoon uses text and illustrations to explain the esesentials of the wide range of sensors and almost intelligent weapons used in modern naval combat. Sidebars explain what's going on "under the hood" in some of the games mathematical models, as well as background information on the tactics and technology of the hardware. Although good admirals will know the capabilities of their own hardware, and the enemy's as well, the game emphasizes the decisions that the players must make as naval commanders, giving them the same type of information naval officers would have in the real world and giving them the same options.

The game also uses a modular structure and real-world terms like knots and yards, so that players can relate what they experience in the game to the real-life systems. The game is also easily modified, to allow new equipment to be added. An annex in the back of the rules provides the formulas the player needs.

Players can use Harpoon to game out now-historical Cold War scenarios, real-world naval crises, or explore the possibilities of advanced weapons systems.