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Sitrep Home The Naval SITREP is published twice a year by the Admiralty Trilogy Group. It supports the Admiralty Trilogy game system with scenarios, articles on history and technology, and rules expansions & corrections.

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Six Most Recent Naval Sitrep Issues

April 2021

  • Harpoon V Scenario: Bugout (with supporting annex data)
  • From Mousers to Mascots: Famous Ship's Cats
  • The Soryu/Artemis Collision - An Analysis
  • Chinese Naval Gunpower
  • Hybrid Construction - and Bad News for the LCS
  • The Shops of Shapeways
  • CaS Scenario: Intercept off Norway
  • The Romanian Navy & Air Force in WW II with annex data for ships, aircraft and weapons

October 2020

  • Harpoon V Scenario: Sake on the rocks
  • Harpoon V Scenario: Operation Trikora
  • Radar Ducting Explained
  • Poland's WWII Ships & Planes
  • SimPlot2 Update
  • WW I Ship Designs
  • Strike Planning, From the Inside Out
  • Much, much more

October 2019

  • Harpoon V Scenario: Systems Test
  • A Primer on Formation Air Defense
  • A Harpoon Convention Game using SimPlot
  • CaS Scenario: Mediterranean Encounter
  • German Escorts and their Nebelwerfer Armament
  • Senkaku Revisited - Stealth Isn’t Everything
  • Organization of German Navy Light Forces in 1918
  • CaS Scenario: Force Z – Ozawa’s Interception
  • Russian Feedback
  • Getting Aunus Right

April 2019

  • Naval Combat Systems in Harpoon
  • Russian Hybrid Point Defense Systems
  • The Naval and Air Forces of Turkey
  • Annex A - Turkish Ships
  • Annex B - Turkish Aircraft
  • CaS Scenario: Action of Ile de Batz
  • CaS Scenario: Four Stacks
  • New (?) Ukrainian Missile
  • Cargo-carrying U-boats in the Mediterranean
  • Tour a Russian Submarine
  • Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes - How Good ?

October 2018

  • Harpoon Scenario: Convoy to Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia’s Order of Battle
  • FG&DN Scenarios: Adriatic Alternatives
  • The Chinese Weapon Designation System
  • Israel’s Rampage Missile
  • Press Release: Modern Chinese Maritime Forces

April 2018

  • North Korea's Armed Forces... Just in Case
  • Annex A - North Korean Ships
  • Annex B - North Korean Aircraft
  • Annex F - North Korean Torpedoes
  • Korean People's Navy Organization
  • Korean People's Air Force Organization
  • The Kumsong-3 Missile

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