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Admiralty Trilogy Group Press Releases

Apr 23, 2021 Harpoon V Chinese Translation

Harpoon V is now available in Chinese

Harpoon V Chinese

The Admiralty Trilogy Group (ATG) is pleased to announce that Harpoon V, its award-winning tactical modern naval game system, has been translated into the Chinese language.

The initial release will consist of the rules book (“Yu Cha V”), the Player’s Handbook, which combines often-used tables and charts into a smaller booklet, and the Jumpstart and Expanded Critical Hit tables.

The Jumpstart and Expanded Critical Hit Tables are both free .pdfs designed to introduce players to the game, and to speed play.

Chang Lei, who recently joined ATG as Chinese-language editor, plans to translate other products for Harpoon, including America’s Navy, Russia’s Navy, America’s Aircraft, and Russia’s Aircraft, as well as upcoming titles like China’s Navy, and High Tide, second edition.

Beyond these titles, Mr. Chang will also translate other games in the ATG system, such as Dawn of the Battleship, into Chinese.

We are excited at the chance to connect with the large and active gaming community in China, and also expect that our interaction with them will improve the game for all players.

The four Chinese-language titles are available as downloadable .pdfs at the WargameVault.

Print versions of the rules and handbook will be available after the standard approval/proof process by the printer.

Email us with questions or suggestions at See our tactical naval game system at the WargameVault. Visit the Admiralty Trilogy Group Facebook page, our page (, or our Discord Group (

Harpoon V Chinese Products

Jul 22, 2020 HARPOON V

HARPOON V is now available

Harpoon version 5 is now available for purchase at WargameVault. For product details, see the Harpoon page on our website.

There are also new materials for Harpoon version 5 on our Game Support page.

Jul 11, 2020 Harpoon V Jumpstart

Harpoon Release V is almost ready.

Harpoon Jumpstart

Harpoon Jumpstart

While we wait for the printer to finish the proofs of the Harpoon V rules, Player's Handbook, America's Navy, America's Aircraft, Russia's Navy, and Russia's Aircraft, we have finished the Jumpstart.

The Harpoon V Jumpstart is a free introduction to the new fifth edition version of Harpoon. It includes a rules summary and a sample scenario, diagrammed and heavily annotated to explain play. The summary covers the basics of game play and important changes from earlier edition of the game. We encourage you to download it, share with anyone who might be interested, and please email us at with any questions or comments.

Download the Harpoon V Jumpstart.

Nanuchka Firing Missiles

Nanuchka Firing Missiles