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Admiralty Trilogy Group Press Releases

Jul 22, 2020 HARPOON V

HARPOON V is now available

Harpoon version 5 is now available for purchase at WargameVault. For product details, see the Harpoon page on our website.

There are also new materials for Harpoon version 5 on our Game Support page.

Jul 11, 2020 Harpoon V Jumpstart

Harpoon Release V is almost ready.

Harpoon Jumpstart

Harpoon Jumpstart

While we wait for the printer to finish the proofs of the Harpoon V rules, Player's Handbook, America's Navy, America's Aircraft, Russia's Navy, and Russia's Aircraft, we have finished the Jumpstart.

The Harpoon V Jumpstart is a free introduction to the new fifth edition version of Harpoon. It includes a rules summary and a sample scenario, diagrammed and heavily annotated to explain play. The summary covers the basics of game play and important changes from earlier edition of the game. We encourage you to download it, share with anyone who might be interested, and please email us at with any questions or comments.

Download the Harpoon V Jumpstart.

Nanuchka Firing Missiles

Nanuchka Firing Missiles