- A Willing Foe and Sea Room -
The Admiralty Trilogy Group Recommended Reading page is a place to find special analytical articles and papers. These are provided to help enhance a player's knowledge and gaming experience.
2012 Special Operations Command Factbook
Army Reading list
BOI Report HMS Sheffield May82
China Maritime EEZ Disputes CRS 2012Oct
Chinese Navy Expanding Capabilities
DD Torpedo Attack DTB1943
FOI Russia
USF-74 Tact&Doct Acft V1-CV-Acft 194103
IJN Cruiser and Battleship Doctrine
Irans Two Navies
Japanese Strike Force Tactics
Kamikazes-The Soviet Legacy
Landing Operations of the Japanese Forces
Naval Op Pln NWP 5-01
USN BB CB Tactical Orders
Trends in Air-to-Air Combat
Naval Gunnery - 1924
OOB of The Russian Fleet
Organizational Change Russian Abn Forces
Russian Navy Prospects
Soviet view of Linebacker II
ONI Report - The Russian Navy - A Historic Transition
US Navy Air-Sea Battle Doctrine
US Navy Program Guide 2012
US Navy Program Guide 2013
PLAN Capabilities 2015 by ONI
Report on Swordfish nuclear
ASROC test