- A Willing Foe and Sea Room -

Command at Sea (CaS) is a World War II tactical naval rules system. It can be used to simulate almost every naval operation of World War II with accurate and consistent results. Victory depends as much on the tactics and planning of the players as on the ships and equipment under their command. CaS uses the same format and terms as the other Admirality Trilogy games.

The CaS system emphasizes technical and historical accuracy woven into a streamlined, easy to follow rules structure that keeps the action fast-paced and fun. Much of the information used in CaS was drawn from declassified international naval and government documents. Combat resolution is built around a single die roll philosophy that keeps the players focused on the battle and not on the mechanics of the rules.

Command at Sea allows the player to experience the kind of decisions that a ship or battle group commander must make when he fights a sea battle during World War II. Victory depends on making the right decision at the right time.

CaS is supported by the Fleet series books of statistics for WW II nations, as well as scenario books for different theaters.